Why Natural And Non-Toxic Deodorants Are Worse For Your Skin?

We all ask of our deodorant to avoid the unpleasant feeling of feeling sweaty for as long as possible. Suppose it’s 24 hours, better than better. The problem is that, for this to happen, the majority of conventional formulas go-to ingredients such as aluminum, which, while very effective in inhibiting excess sweat, also prevents the elimination of toxic substances through our armpits. Or, what is the same: it blocks them and prevents the necessary sweat and oxygenation of our skin.

Thus, what is camouflaged with a pleasant fragrance that accompanies us throughout the day and that keeps us with armpits dry for hours, actually blocks our sweat glands and favors the appearance of skin disorders, among other much more serious health problems.

However, for more than a decade, the scientific community has debated among those who see a relationship between the accumulation of different toxins in the body (such as the concentration of parabens, present in conventional deodorants) and the appearance of breast cancer. Or of cellular mutations and those who defend that there are still no significant studies demonstrating this correlation. According to Porta’s theses, it will be of little use to focus exclusively on the behavior of, for example, the deodorant and its compounds alone, since their doses, analyzed in isolation, are not toxic. The problem lies in the accumulation of different toxins in our body, whether from cosmetic products, food, the air we breathe, or the clothes we wear.

Let your skin sweat!

Sweating is natural and healthy, and we should not prevent it from happening. Sweat is the natural way that our body has to regulate its body temperature and eliminate toxic substances that the body no longer needs in the same way that we do with urine, menstruation, or mucus. So, in no case, it is recommended to use antiperspirant products that prevent sweating. Instead, we can ask our deodorant to help us regulate excess moisture or body odor that may be generated by the excretions of bacteria that feed on sweat (do not forget that sweat, by itself, does not it has an odor).

Sweat is the natural way for our body to regulate its body temperature and eliminate toxins that the body no longer needs.

But what deodorant are we left with? In the world of organic and natural cosmetics, you will find a wide range of healthy and non-toxic products and different applications that are suitable for all tastes. Most likely, the same thing that happens with organic shampoos will happen to you, which, at first, we feel that they do not work for us since our body must get used to the absence of certain ingredients again and undergo a kind of detox process.