The 5 Essential Oils With Which To Protect Yourself In Summer

With them, you can prevent dizziness, mosquito bites, skin burns, and even promote sleep. For this, you will have to apply a few drops to the affected areas routinely and voila! Some of the ones that stand out for their multifunctions are the essential oil of lavender, peppermint, Italian or immortal helichrysum, and others such as tea tree, Java citronella, or oregano essential oil.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is, without a doubt, the most multifunctional. It is the oil you must have on hand this summer for its extensive properties by helping you:

  • Combat the stress of travel and promote sleep. A few drops on the neck or the temples will provide comfort and relief.
  • Treat sunburn and calm pain
  • To alleviate musts bites. This essential oil is an excellent antibacterial and pain reliever and is as effective for insect bites as it is for small wounds. If a snake bites you, it will provide a calming effect until help arrives.
  • Lavender essential oil to repel mosquitoes. The ideal is to apply a few drops of lavender on the exposed areas of your skin or your clothes.

Tea tree essential oil

If this oil stands out for something, it is for its disinfecting power. Tea tree essential oil helps fight viruses and various infections, especially from the mouth or the ENT sphere: mouth ulcers, gingivitis, sinusitis, etc. Use two drops of pure essential oil to disinfect your mouth after cleaning.

Italian or Immortal Helichrysum Essential Oil

Italian Helichrysum, known as the essential oil immersive relieves bruises, bumps, and bumps which is Ideal for those who decide on a sports vacation. A single drop of this pure essential oil will reduce bruising (bruise) or bruise in a few days. It is also ideal for pain relief.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is useful for:

  • Travel dizziness. You should put a drop of peppermint essential oil in a neutral tablet or sugar and take it half an hour before the trip. In the event of nausea, you can also take a deep breath of this mixture, for example, by applying it to the inside of your wrist or a handkerchief. You can also apply a drop on the tongue.
  • In the case of heatstroke. Inhale this extremely refreshing essential oil to feel better.
  • If you suffer from migraines, put a drop of pure peppermint essential oil on your temples, which will ease the pain.
  • Holidays are often synonymous with long trips. So, to stay awake behind the wheel, apply a drop of this energizing essential oil to your forehead. Of course, you must avoid any contact with the eyes.

Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano essential oil is ideal for those who are sightseeing and may experience diarrhea, digestive or urinary infections. To notice its effects, put two drops of essential oregano oil on a neutral tablet, a piece of sugar, bread, or a tablespoon of honey, twice a day for a maximum of five days.

Java Citronella Essential Oil

If you want to stay as far away from mosquitoes as possible, then use Java citronella essential oil. With it, you will reduce itching in case of insect bites. This oil is also ideal for relieving joint pain, rheumatism, or even muscle pain after intense sports activity.