Fun And Interesting Flower Facts

Fun And Interesting Flower Facts
Everyone loves flowers. Flowers beguile people with their charm and beauty. They create a
special connection to nature and earth. Mostly they are seen as objects of decoration and gift-
giving. They hold unique importance as they symbolize good energy and warmth. They express
emotions such as love, friendship, bond, best wishes Shop Journey Review, loyalty and remembrance. Every flower
holds a special meaning. They are the most intriguing components of nature. There are many
fun flower facts that everyone should know.

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How do flowers grow?
 Flowers need to get their food through sunlight, water, and minerals that are found in
the soil.
 Flowers are the reproductive part of the plant.
 The process of photosynthesis makes the plants green. The chloroplasts found in the
plants combine with carbon dioxide and the water and sunlight reach the roots giving
the plant the energy to grow and produce flowers.
 By adding fertilizers or plant food the plants receive extra nutrients and minerals to
grow and produce flowers faster.
 If the plants and flowers are not exposed to sunlight and are given water, they will die.
Parts of flowers
The outside of the flower consists of petals and sepals and pollen grains. The long neck of a
flower is called the style. The bottom part of the flower is the ovary that contains the ovules
and eggs.

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Interesting flower facts
Flowers only existed 140 million years ago. Before that, there were only ferns and cone-bearing
trees found on earth. Many centuries ago, tulips were considered to be more valuable than
gold in the Netherlands. Broccoli that is widely known as a vegetable is actually a flower. Some
plants do not need minerals from the soil to grow. They get all the nutrients and minerals from
the air.
Many plants exude toxins that can kill other plants around them. There are carnivorous flowers
that eat bugs and small animals. There are said to be a total of 270,000 species of flowers that
exist on earth. Roses have 35,000 different species. Montsechia Vidalii is believed to be the
world's oldest flower to ever exist. The flower has bloomed for the very first time more than
130 million years ago in some parts of Spain. Gerbera daisies emit oxygen at night and help one

sleep better through the night. Sunflowers are popular for appeal and cheerfulness. Their name
is also very apt as they face the sun as it moves from east to west.
Moonflowers bloom during the night under the moonlight and they become withered if
touches by sun rays. Alkaline soil tints the flowers in a beautiful pink hue. Lotus was said to be a
sacred flower in the Egyptian culture and was used in bridal ceremonies. It is the symbol of long
life, beauty, grace, purity, and serenity.
Flowers are said to hold great importance in festivals and celebrations. People generally send
flowers to their loved ones to show care and affection. They are beautiful creations of life and
their significance is not just limited to decoration and gifts. They bring joy and vitality and